LARC-5 On Air Contest

The goal is to encourage a healthy competition among Indian hams and motivate them to explore as many HF bands as possible.

This contest is a tribute to SK VU2RM, OM Rama Mohan Rao.

Contest open to all Indian LICENSED hams and QSOs between Indian stations are only scored

Contest Dates

Day-1: 0000hrs IST 08 October to 2359hrs IST 08 October 2022 (Saturday)

Day-2: 0000hrs IST 16 October to 2359hrs IST 16 October 2022 (Sunday)

Modes:   Only Mixed (CW & Phone)

Bands:     160-10m (WARC bands not allowed)

Power:     High (50Watts plus), Low (10-50Watts) and QRP (<10Watts).  Operators / Clubs can contest in only 1 category.  Changing category in the middle of the contest is not allowed.

Operator: Individual / Club.  Individual / Club callsign is required.  Not open to groups.

Calling procedure: CQ CQ CQ LARC5 CONTEST THIS IS <mention your your callsign>  QRP (if applicable)


Every QSO: 1 pt

Net Check-ins are not scored: 0 pt

Repeat QSOs are not scored: 0 pt



QRP QSO: 3X. At least 1 of the stations needs to be QRP (< 10watts). If an operator / club is competing under the QRP category, then the 3X multiplier shall apply to number of QSOs made. Stations to announce their call with suffix “QRP”.  For eg: VU3ONG/QRP

Low Power category: 2X

High Power category: 1X

QSOs on 160m, 80m, 15m, 10m: 2X

QSO with the Special event callsign station AU5LARC will earn you 10 points.  Only 1 QSO will be scored even if there are multiple contacts with AU5LARC.  This station shall be QRV on different bands at different times of the day on the contest days.


  • QRP contact between stations on 15m:   2 x 3 = 6 points
  • QSOs on 40, 20m: 1X
  • For every non-home state, on the final score, a 10% bonus is added
  • Assume that a TS ham’s final score is 50 and has 3 QSOs with other states, then this accelerator shall apply.  Grand score is 50 x 1.3 = 65 points.  10% for each additional state.
  • If the operator / club member has attended the LARC-5 convention, a bonus of 10% is added on final score. A photograph of the operator/club member in the LARC-5 convention hall is to be submitted by 4PM on 10 December 2022



Grand 1st prize: One sBitx HF SDR transceiver worth USD499.  2nd and 3rd Prizes: Trophies.  Digital certificates for all contestants will be sent via email.  Prizes shall be distributed at the LARC-5 convention at 10AM on 11 December 2022.

Exchange: RS(T) + Serial Number.  Eg:  “Pls copy 59005 where “005” is the serial number

Due date for log submission: 30 Oct 2022. Copy of the valid Indian license should be attached to the log.  Any logs submitted without a copy of a valid Indian license shall be rejected.

Excel sheet for logging shall be available for download from here. Logs, license copy and photograph inside the convention hall may be submitted to


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